Our Items


Our famous homefries smothered in cheddar cheese.
Breaded & seasoned pickle slices fried with your choice of dipping sauces.
Breaded, seasoned pickle slices, swiss cheese sticks & fried mushrooms.
Brad's whole button mushrooms with a buttery breading.
Breaded and deep fried swiss cheese sticks (6) served with marinara or homemade ranch.
Thick cut onion slices, double dipped in seasoned beer batter.
Calf Fries
Breaded and deep fried bull fries served with homemade ranch.
Creamy macaroni coated in a crispy cheddar batter.


Smoked ham or turkey with melted american cheese on texas toast.
A hearty portion of your favorite meat on a toasted bun for that "Brad-Sized" hunger.
The Hoss
A large pulled pork sandwich topped with our sweet & creamy coleslaw.
Smoked sausage and brisket on a hoagie bun topped with pickles & onions.
A less hefty version of the trail boss for the "Not So Big" appetite.
Pulled pork, ham & a hot link topped with 2 onion rings served on a toasted hoagie bun.
Polish sausage, smoked turkey breast & smoked beef brisket piled high on texas toast.

Other Grub

Your favorite meat rolled into a flour tortilla with cowboy beans, cheddar cheese, and fried potatoes & onions, served with fries.
Slow smoked pulled pork covered with queso & shredded cheddar cheese topped with fresh pico, cowboy beans & sour cream.
Turkey or crispy chicken tenders, wrapped in a spinach or tomato basil tortilla, stuffed with spinach & cheese served with fries.
Fish Tacos
Two Smoked Tilapia Tacos with cabbage, fresh pineapple pico & a honey lime mayo sauce served with fries.
Seasoned crispy chicken tenders served with honey mustard or homemade ranch for dipping served with fries.
A huge portion of our homefries covered with cheese & your choice of chopped meat.

Salads and Spuds

A bed of lettuce topped with your choice of meat, cowboy beans, onions, cheese & a pickle.
Side Salad
A bed of fresh lettuce topped with cheese, onion & a pickle spear.
A large baked potato stuffed with your favorite smoked meat.
A large baked potato stuffed with cowboy beans, fried onions, cheese and your favorite smoked meat.

Plate Dinners

This Oklahoma Tradition is a must try.  Smoked low & slow to perfection.
Pig Platter
Tender pulled pork, polish sausage and a pork spare rib.
Burnt Ends
Seared bite size chunks of seasoned and sauced beef.  Straight from Kansas City.
Put a dent in that saddle with slow smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, hot links and a rib.
Four classic-style dry rubbed slow smoked spare ribs.
Slow smoked beef brisket and polish sausage. A combo sure to please.

Create Your Own

Cowboy Special

Single meat
Served on butcher paper with sliced bread, a pickle, onion & block of cheese.
Served on butcher paper with sliced bread, a pickle, onion & block of cheese.
Served on butcher paper with sliced bread, a pickle, onion & block of cheese.

The Fixin's


Meat By The Pound

Pulled Pork
Hot Links
Burnt Ends

Kids Meals


Warm brownie topped with whipped cream, ice cream & fried cinnamon pita chips.
Seven layers of chocolate cake served with ice cream.
Apple, Peach, Cherry, or Blackberry - with Ice Cream.
Plain or topped with cherries, chocolate, or caramel.
Your favorite soda served in our Bad Brad's souvenir cup filled with vanilla ice cream.